Brett Murray’s 20+ years’ experience quickly overcomes sound challenges and delivers outstanding tracks. Respected for his production sound capabilities by producers and directors alike, he works closely with directors to understand and convey their creative style and vision and capture actor performances.

Brett Jennings Murray started his interest in sound at a young age, as a musician. He began mixing sound for student films, live music, and theatrical productions for his high school, Bayside Academy in Daphne, AL. In 1992, as a high-school junior, Brett took a leave from school to work on his first feature film, “Under Siege”. There he met Sound Mixer, Scott Smith, and cemented his enthusiasm for feature film production sound.

Brett Jennings Murray born in Toledo, OH to U. S. Air Force, Major General and Aerospace CEO, James Lore Murray and former beauty contestant, Phyllis Jennings Murray, in 1983 the family relocated to Point Clear, AL, after his father retired. Ten years later Brett graduated from high school and earned an opportunity to learn sound utility under Sound Mixer Whit Norris on an upcoming film project in Atlanta, GA. In the fall of 1993, Brett attended Maine Media Workshops & College in Rockport, ME, where he studied film production and participated in intensive, hands-on workshops.

Moving to Los Angeles in 1996, Brett furthered his education and pursued musical interests. In 2003, he returned to the south and resides in Atlanta, GA. Pursuing several diverse careers since 2003, Brett always returned to his first passion, production sound. Concurrent with those other pursuits, he co-founded, produced, performed, and toured regionally, as half of Travis-Murray Music Group.

Brett’s work on the “The True Don Quixote” earned “Best Sound Award” recognition from The New Orleans Film Festival in 2018.

Brett is an active member of the Cinema Audio Society (CAS).

Selected Filmography:

“Candy” – Directors, Michael Uppendahl, Jennifer Getzinger, Ben Semanoff, Tara Weyr
“The Peripheral” – Directors, Alrick Riley & Vincenzo Natali
“Secret Headquarters” – Directors, Ariel Schulman & Henry Joost
“Reminiscence” – Director, Lisa Joy