Brett enjoys complicated sound challenges and thrives on finding the solutions!

He only uses the latest top of the line professional audio equipment so that he can record the very best tracks possible.

Brett began recording and mixing sound for student films, live bands, and theatre during high-school.  He was also writing, directing, and acting in short films with childhood friend and now well-known Producer Scott Lumpkin.   

While working on his first film he observed Sound Mixer Scott Smith mixing sound on the set of the 1992 Warner Brothers film “Under Siege”.  Scott was using two Nagra’s mounted atop a sound cart amongst  various other gear. This peaked Brett’s interest and led to his initial movie sound interest.  

In 1993, Sound Mixer Whit Norris offered Brett an opportunity to learn sound during his next film shooting in Atlanta.  Subsequently, he worked on various projects for Whit. 

Brett is most proud of mixing the production sound on the long awaited “Jeepers Creepers 3” and Stephen King’s, “Gerald’s Game” as well as working in the sound department on two back-to-back #1 box office films “Logan” and “Get Out”.

Brett is represented by GSK Talent